Kaleidoscopic Crinson

The tile world has not been the same since innovative artist Dominic Crinson began making his mark in 1998. These days digitally printing tiles to create intricate and unimaginable designs is fairly standard practice, but 20 years ago things were rather different.

In 1997 Crinson first developed his digital printing method, enabling a dramatic shift within the ceramic tile industry. His work not only made an impact due to a change in processes, but his designs and style are themselves entirely inspiring.

His wild use of colour and kaleidoscopic patterns are captivating. Glitz is a perfect example of this, with powerful reds, yellows, and greens woven together in intricate and otherworldly designs. The shapes are familiar, yet appear wholly unreal, and combined with each other produce a wonderful feature.

This style of flowing vibrant colour is present throughout his collections, such as the beautiful blue Sapphire Inspired wall tile range, or the fabric pattern looks of Jafleur.

However his use of digital printing techniques are not limited to this one signature style. His Original Species collection is a fascinating experiment in pattern, utilising one base design that feeds into curious animal shapes to produce an entirely unique and customisable artwork, as well as a few creature-inspired designs that are equally as magnificent.

Crinson’s designs span many different styles, even incorporating faux Rocco, cityscape murals, and patterns that are a little more standard. There is something for everyone, and a whole lot to discover from this incredible artist.

dominic crinson tile mural beijing

Dominic Crinson

A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, November 2019.

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