Glitch from Benoy tile design

Concrete Glitch

In interior design the consumer preference for unique products and surface solutions is only increasing. We covered the trend in a piece in March of this year, where the focus was predominantly for artisanal and hand crafted products and materials that have an organic level of imperfection. Since then we’ve explored a whole raft of gorgeous ranges that delight in their unique imperfections, from the stunning collections from Smoke and Fire Tiles, to the awesome volcanic veneer of ExCinere, each bringing their own artisanal essence.

Glitch Gravel (600x1200mm) and Mix Warm (600x1200mm)
Glitch from Benoy tile design
Glitch Mix Warm (600x1200mm)
Glitch Salt (900x900mm)

However, there is a new form of imperfection creeping into design. We first looked into this with French designer Léa Mazy‘s The Production of Fatigue which challenges our modern ideals of perfection when it comes to technology and industrial processes. A similar take on this concept has been revealed in the new collection from Ceramiche Piemme, designed by London firm Benoy.

Glitch Graphite (1200x1200mm) and Fault Flint (600x1200mm)
Glitch from Benoy tile design
Glitch Ash (1200x1200mm) and Fault Carbon (600x1200mm)

Porcelain stoneware range Glitch takes its inspiration from technological errors, which often produce a flickering or some other form of visual error, and combines this with production irregularities that can occur during the manufacturing of concrete surfaces. “The idea of Glitch is based on a paradox: instead of providing a digital reproduction of the flaws of nature… this collection gives tangible form to the flaws and errors of the digital world!” explains Benoy Design Director Andy Piepenstock.

Glitch Fault Carbon (600x1200mm)
Glitch from Benoy tile designGlitch from Benoy tile design
Glitch Salt (900x900mm) and Fault Sand (600x1200mm)
Glitch from Benoy tile design
Glitch Fault Sand (600x1200mm)

The collection is produced in eight colours (Clay, Gravel, Sand, Salt, Ash, Flint, Graphite, and Carbon) and five formats (300 by 600mm, 600 by 600mm, 600 by 1,200mm, 900 by  900mm, and 1,200 by 1,200mm).

Ceramiche Piemme
Smoke and Fire
Léa Mazy

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