Savile Row by EPR Architects

Suits You, Sir!

EPR Architects clad the main façades at Savile Row in 10,000 crystalline hand-glazed ceramic tiles, individually crafted by London-based ceramicist Kate Malone. The colours for the square tiles – pale grey and deep blue – were chosen from tones found elsewhere in the Mayfair Conservation Area to help them fit with the surroundings. Continue reading Suits You, Sir!

Castella by Natucer, Cevisama 2012.

Rapid Retrospective

Back in 2012, Spanish tile manufacturers were at the cutting edge of a craft revival; offering ceramic products recreating the aesthetic nuances of time-honoured artisans adapted to the latest manufacturing technologies. Continue reading Rapid Retrospective

Voodoo Ray's, Dalston, London

Tiling Voodoo Ray’s

Few restaurant interiors have taken the humble glazed tile to such heights as Voodoo Ray’s: a pizza slice shop and bar in Dalston, East London. Here Gundry & Ducker have created a distinctive and characterful space that references both New York and London. Continue reading Tiling Voodoo Ray’s