coloured grout jewels solitaire tiles

Extra 2020 Tile Trends

To go with Tile Addict’s take on the 2020 trends is a little selection of additional elements that we may be seeing more of in the coming year. They were not heavily prevalent in the lists of other trend spotters, but they are still very much worth a mention.

Marca Corona around the world tile collection cersaie 2019

One trend that we are especially hoping will take off more in 2020 is coloured grout. There was some evidence of this around this year, especially at Clerkenwell Design Week, and of course, throughout Living Ceramics‘ Cava and Cava Mosaic, but there doesn’t seem to be nearly enough of it gound around. Its ability to entirely transform interiors and play with tile designs makes it an incredible asset for creating unique spaces, or even just changing up what is already there.

coloured grout jewels solitaire tiles
Jewels Solitaire from Solus
Cava Mosaic Living Ceramics LucidiPevere
Cava Black Mosaic and Jade Green

Continuing on from the artisanal/handmade tile preference of this year is the rise in interest in Zellige tiles. These traditional Moroccan style tiles add immediate character. Handcrafted by skilled artisans, each item is unique in texture and finish, and they are available in almost any colour imaginable.

zellige tiles from Clé Tile
Weathered White Zellige from Clé Tile
Zellige tile Nouveau Aqua Gloss from Mandarin Stone
Zellige Nouveau Aqua Gloss from Mandarin Stone

Speckled surfaces have also been mentioned as one to look out for, including the standard terrazzo, but also more sparsely detailed stracciatella style designs. These types are very rarely out of style, although their popularity does seem to come in waves. It’s possible that 2020 will see a range of new uses for this speckled stone style, with it moving away from surfaces and into objects and funiture.

Plasticiet recycled plastic surfaces
Granby Workshop Speckled porcelain pendant
Granby Workshop Speckled porcelain pendant

The final extra trend was around in spades throughout Cersaie. Impossible material combinations made possible by ceramics could be seen on quite a few stands. Whether it was combining wood with marble or cement, forming terrazzo within terrazzo, or overlaying materials ontop of one another, there was a lot of exciting experimentation. With tile production becoming cleverer by day, we’re sure to see a whole lot more of it.

wood look tiles ceramic sant agostino cersaie 2019
Maze 9090 from Sant’Agostino
mixed media ceramic tiles from ceramica Sant'Agostino
Inside Art from Sant’Agostino

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