Dividing Spaces

Green and red triangular tiles signify the separation of spaces in this Barcelona apartment. Carrer Avinyó in the Gothic Quarter is a strikingly angular building, with a tight corner protruding out and enabling public walkways on either side. When it was refurbished in 2012, with the help of David Kohn, the plan was to take advantage of this premade quirk and reflect it within the design.

Photo credit: José Hevia Blach
Photo credit: José Hevia Blach

Two Barcelona born brothers now own the space as a holiday home, dividing it into two with the help of colour coordinated tiling. Making the most of the space, interior walls were removed to create a large open plan area, with bedrooms formed on opposing walls inside fully enclosed mini wooden rooms.

Photo credit: José Hevia Blach

The tiles vary from green to red, demonstrating individual spaces, and meet in the middle in communal areas, whilst the triangular design of the encaustic pieces mimics the shape of the building. The tiles were manufactured by Mosaics Martí, and are said to be hand-made and unique.

Photo credit: José Hevia Blach

David Kohn

Photography by: José Hevia Blach

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