Our next company hails from Spain. The craftsmen of todobarro are an artisanal outfit dedicated to keeping traditions alive, making each tile to order and forming them all by hand.

Prometheus Penrose Ambar
Cuadrado Aguamarina in 98E and 98ED

Specialising in terracotta, stunning shapes and earthy shades make up the majority of their collections. Their seven tones (Blanco Antiguo, Baraca, Ambar, Pizarra, Rojiza, Salmón, and Paja flameada) each offer the delicious variety of classic terracotta from rich burnt oranges to soft peach, and from silvery greys to warm off white.

Escama 28 in Blanco Antiguo and Pizarra
Rectángulo in Pizarra

Their antique texture has an old-world feel. Natural pits, irregular imperfections, and smooth matt surfaces all combine for a fully authentic look. The tile shapes vary from classic Rectángulo, Hexágono, and Cuadrado, to the more unusual Nudo, Prometheus, and Prisma. For even more unique looks Todobarro’s Neo-Plasticism-inspired Mondrian or their new archway pattern Vélez-Acueducto, designed by Leblume.

Mondrian in Ambar

A few of the ranges can also be found in vibrant colours that emphasise the irregularities and add a layer of modernism to this vintage craft.

Prometheus 10 in Rojiza and Cuadrado 10 in Añil
Hexagono 20 in Verde


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