Codicer mix and match hexagonal tiles in green from Origin Range

Codicer Collections

Codicer is usually a favourite stand of ours at major tiling shows, so much so that we have, on occasion, dedicated entire articles to singing its praises. Seeing as there are no shows to head to we’ve taken to exploring its site instead, picking out ranges that we may have missed in our previous coverings of the company.

Codicer mix and match hexagonal tiles in green from Kayak Range
Origin Green (170x330mm)

Firstly, Codicer’s Origin range, elongated hexagons (Kayak) with mix and match patterns in three colour combinations. These 170 by 330mm are offered in 31 designs that play on retro-style florals as well as leaf inspired prints, dots, and geometrics. The colour options for these porcelain tiles are gorgeous and well on-trend, with Origin Blue Kayak taking on a variety of blue shades in pastels, dusky darks, and greyish tones, Origin Green Kayak using shades of green for a soft, organic look, and Origin Terra Kayak finding its fully tretro feet in a mix of white, grey, and terracotta orange.

Codicer mix and match hexagonal tiles in blue from Origin Range
Origin Blue (170x330mm)
Codicer mix and match hexagonal tiles in grey and orange from Kayak Range
Origin Terra (170x330mm)

Another range that couldn’t help but catch our eye is another elongated hexagon selection Albufera. In the same 170 by 330mm format, the Albufera tiles feature medieval style characters, animal figures, and florals with varied pattern styles that create a stunning patchwork design. The faux age marks add a delightful charm and depths of personality.

Marmaris Sunset
Finally we are presenting Codicer’s Marmaris Sunset, a 220 by 250mm hexagonal tile featuring warm and cool tones veining akin to marble and watercolour. With each tile displaying an individual combination of colours as well as saturation and location of veining, the result en-masse is unique and artful.


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