mix and match decor tiles codicer 95 cersaie 2019

Colourful Codicer

The Codicer 95 stand at Cersaie was one of Tile Addict’s favourites. It stood out completely from the crowd with the wacky and colourful designs and made such an impact that it deserves it’s own article entirely. There are only a few main collections that will be covered here, although they are by no means the only designs worth mentioning.

abstract mix and match tiles codicer cersaie 2019
Moorea (250x250mm)

The first to catch our eye was Moorea – fun abstract mix and match tiles with a hand-painted look and curious use of shapes. The collection is very visually interesting and the chosen colours are attention-grabbing, but are not at all loud, playing into the artistic quality of the designs. The highly-varied and unique pieces offer a new and exciting take on the mix and match trend that has been around for a while.

mix and match decor tiles codicer 95 cersaie 2019
Moorea (250x250mm)

Another fully enjoyable range was found in Raktion – a selection of colourful watercolour hexagonal format tiles. The stand-out pieces were those featuring a tie-dye galaxy effect and sections of alternative glazing on areas of saturated colour.

tie dye galaxy hexagon tile codicer cersaie 2019

A slightly more hectic take on mix and match was found with Hoxo Mix. Within the range there are so many design styles – from photo, to text, to faux mosaic and more, yet there still seems to be some form of cohesion throughout. The provenzal tile shape enables the patterns to ease from one to another without harsh barriers and the various designs can be organised and placed in a variety of ways, ensuring the same effect.

mix and match tiles cersaie 2019 codicer
Hoxo Mix
mix and match pattern codicer 95 cersaie 2019
Hoxo Mix

The slightly more subtle ranges at the stand were those centred around Gaudi. These small collections come in black and white (Gaudi Hex and Gaudi Lux), or oceanic greens and browns (Gaudi Reactive) and feature marine life/fossil style shaped relief patterns. These abstract aquatic shapes have the look of shells, tentacles, sea urchins, starfish, and various other imitations of sea life.

hexagonal tile relief oceanic gaudi codicer 95
Gaudi Reactive (220x250mm)

Finally they added to our long list of jungle print tiles with Tahiri. These simple small square formats are designed to enable a varied and continuous print featuring colourful plants with a watercolour look. These highly effective designs follow a simple pattern that is altered just enough to ensure that it is varied and unique.

jungle print tile cersaie 2019 codicer 95
Tahiri (250x250mm)

Codicer 95

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