Musonda’s paper mosaics

As Tile Addicts we believe it is our duty to share intriguing artists from all over the world and celebrate the vastness of styles available within the confines of ’tile’. Today we’re sharing the paper mosaics of Zambian artist Lesley Musonda, and a little of how they came to be.

Artistically inclined from a young age and with inspiration from her late mother, Musonda began sketching and drawing, eventually finding a special soul-touching form of expression in paper mosaics. It’s abstract feelings and life experiences that drive the creation of her work, translating sentiments into the wildlife that feature heavily.

Musonda takes full advantage of symbolism in her works, be it through the use of an open-mouthed leopard or a horse jumping over obstacles. Most of her mosaics are A3, each taking around 9-12 weeks to complete.

As a strong believer in empowering young women to embrace their talents and skills, particularly within art, Musonda affirms that art should be a voice for the voiceless. Her hope is to inspire those around her to find value in visual art and read into them with great depth.

A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, August 2020.

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  1. This is Amazing and thank you so much that am featuring in this blog. Looking forward to more exposure and exploits Across The World

  2. Absolutely amazing! It is always a beautiful and empowering sight seeing fellow women embracing their gifts and talents making their way in professional art. Your touch is so unique, your destiny is bright. Keep shining Queen💝

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