Customising Cement

Sabine Hill creates cement tiles with an abundance of beauty. With inspiration from nature, daily life, and all sorts of places, designs range from the highly intricate to the subtle and simple.

A huge selection of pre-designed styles and patterns are available from Sabine Hill’s catalogue, crafted with care by their Caribbean-based factory. With over over 60 years of cement tile making experience, they are able to produce over 4,000 of these stylish handmade tiles each day.

Encouraging people to take tile design into their own hands, Sabine Hill offers a fully customisable tile design process. All you have to do is select a pattern and choose your colours by clicking here. There are around 80 patterns to choose from, including iconic motifs, simple stripes, and gorgeous geometrics.

There are around 100 different colours up for selection from rich oranges and golds to soft and sea-like blues, and from earthy greens and browns to pale pastels. This systems lets you play around with a large number of combinations and tones and presents to you the would-be final design in a 16 tile layout.

Sabine Hill

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