Brilliantly Blueberry

Young Austrian company Karak is once again on our radar thanks to a delightful fairytale story that fills us with warmth and nostalgia. The story goes that their new – and currently favourite – glaze all began with a customer and a single bluebery.

The customer, Carmen, was on the hunt for something specific, a memory of a childhood spent in the Bregenzerwald foraging in the woods with her family that could be represented in a romantic, unique colour. And that’s where the blueberry comes in.

Photo Credit: @studiowälder

Eager to create this fantastical shade, the team at Karak began experimenting with their existing colours and glazes, adding elements of copper and cobalt. After two meetings with Carmen they showed her what they had come up with, a delicious combination of deep blue and red, imitating both the skin and flesh of the fruit.

Photo Credit: @studiowälder

The result of the Raku Blueberry Tile creation is a gorgeous centrepiece at Carmen’s newly opened Fuchsegg Eco Lodge Hotel. The glaze was applied onto 800 hexagonal Raku fired tiles with the ornament PiRi and now sits proudly around the mantle of the restaurant’s fireplace.


A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, November 2020.

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