Six tiles full of Wes Anderson style

Symmetry, nostalgia, and highly saturated, emotive colours typify the cinematic world of Wes Anderson. Each scene tells a story and every setting sells us a sense of regimented chaos, as equally distant as it is close to reality. It’s an aesthetic many love, and with his new film Asteroid City released this month we thought it would be a bit of fun to find some tiles full of Wes Anderson style for those looking to add a little something special to their home.

1) Flamenco Tile

Pairing a delicate pink with a pale teal and clashing yellow, these Flamenco tiles from Maitland & Poate provide a memorable colour story. The central palm trees create a subtle narrative, encouraging our minds to imagine a scene for them to star in.

2) Agora

Mixing the iconic baby blue and fire red of the uniforms worn in The Life Aquatic, with symmetry and elegant design, these Agora tiles by Elissa Passino are certifiably Wes Anderson.

3) Arch Mars

Retro shades and comforting curves offer up a vintage vibe in the Arch Mars tiles made in a collaboration between Livingetc and Bert & May. The peachy surface offers a sepia haze, bringing our sense back in time for a wonderful touch of nostalgia.

4) New West Pattern Nine

Combining an unusual duo of colours, New West Pattern Nine from Clé Tile‘s staggered pyramid in yellow-toned grey with a peachy pink decor has both the symmetry and charm of a Wes Anderson movie.

5) Melon Dirty Pink

Happy yellow and a joyful flower burst pattern contrast with the earthy, muted, dirty pink for a dynamic design with its own unique rhythm. Melon Dirty Pink from Otto Tiles & Design is a little retro, a little modern, and a lot to love.

6) Gin YellowBlue

A bold trio of primary colours make an artistic statement on the Gin YellowBlue tiles of New Terracotta. Their central, symmetrical design is playful, powerful, and impossible to ignore.

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