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A few years ago we first covered Durat. Finding such a versatile, eco material that was as beautiful and customisable as the multicoloured, terrazzo flecked, recycled plastic Durat gave us a fresh burst of enthusiasm for the future of surface design. And now they’ve added even more to their range.

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Durat Palace, developed in collaboration with Dutch design agency MOST Collective has added four new colours to its colllection. Durat Palace designer Kaori Pi, has named the new quartet “Avant Terra” referencing the inclusion of some earth-inspired shades.

The existing tones of Durat Palace balance between delicate pastel shades, and richer organic hues, allowing the arrival of Avant Terra to fit right in. These new colours two creamy neutrals, a blue, and a deep burnt orange offer an imitation of the world’s state. “Our relationship with our mother earth is fragile and a place of deep connection. One where we renew our place in this delicate balance. This is Avant Terra”, describes Kaori.

Like Durat Palace’s original shades, earth pigments ground from the 17th century windmills are used alongside resin to create a uniquely mystical look to the surface. The Durat material incorporates up to 30% of recycled content and it is 100% recyclable.

Read more about Durat here.

Durat Palace

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