Lundhs’ Large Larvikite

Lundhs As was founded in 1962 by Thor Lundh, after three generations of knowledge on quarrying were passed down. They specialise in larvikite, a natural stone found in the mountains of Larvik in Norway. Their process enables this unique material to be utilised in the home, bringing nature into the kitchen with this hardy, 100% natural stone.

Lundhs HQ Larvik Real Blue

Now their headquarters in Larvik pays homage to the material, which is displayed in full force across the building’s façade. Designed by Øystein Rognebakke from Halvorsen & Reine architects, it covers 4,500 square feet and is over 13 metres high.

Lundhs HQ Larvik Real Blue
S1310559 Lundhs HQ Larvik

Lundhs Blue is used in varied finishes, showcasing the company’s range. Each cladding panel is 3cm thick and five distinct surfaces cover the exterior. Lundhs Blue in polished, waterjet, flame, silk, and split each coat significant areas of the building.

S1310577 Lundhs HQ Larvik
Lundhs Antique Basin and Tiles

From polished panels to rough stone, the combined appearance of the larvikite stone creates an impressive exterior that continues inside. The headquarters demonstrate the company’s vision and admiration for their versatile product.

Halvorsen & Reine

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