Jatana Interiors

Continuing our week of wonder, celebrating companies in all their varied glory, we have an Australian company – Jatana Interiors.

A love of colour and design began after founder Sonya Marish’s travels through Asia and the Middle East. What initially started as a hunt for unique treasures became income after Marish strated a market stall in Sydney to sell globally-sourced goodies.

Later, a desire to study interior design combined with a home reno project culminated in a realisation that tiles are what was needed to complete the vision. And so we have Jatana Interiors, the home of Sonya Marish The Tile Queen, and many an eclectic design.

A large number of lovingly salvaged encaustic tiles feature from locations all around the world, carrying with them the histories of the churches, hotels, and homes where they were once laid. To maintain the tradition of cement tiles, Jatana Interior’s own selection of reproduction tiles offer a diverse range of motifs and colours with the charming old world feel of antique cement.

Hand-made Moroccan tiles and zellige in a number of vibrant colours and striking patterns provide sought-after artisanal elegance. Finally a wide range of hand-made terracotta tiles offer earthy warmth in a variety of shapes and burnt orange tones.

Jatana Interiors

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