Maude Made’s Many Motifs

Creator, painter, illustrator, seamstress, stylist, and decorator Maude Smith has her fingers in a lot of pies. Thankfully for us one of those pies is tile design. At Maude Made three distinct categories separate hundreds of delicately detailed drawings transfer printed onto tiles – botanical, blue, and red.

Flowers, seaweed, butterflies, snails, leaves, frogs, and ducks are just a few of the features in the botanical tiles. Each masterfully full of character and colour, Maude Made offers a pentiful patchwork of unique artworks.

An illustrators take on Delft tiles make up the ‘blue’ collection. Whimiscal characters dancing, playing instruments and farming, sealife, shells, food, farm animals, and zigzag patterns make for a fabulously playful mix of motifs.

The ‘red’ tiles work in much the same way, with a passionate, vibrant red taking place of the blue. Clear inspiration from folk and Medieval art offers a playful charm that fills the characters with personality.

All tiles are made to order. Every 150 by 150mm piece is glazed and fired in Stoke-on-Trent, and made to be scratch and heat proof.

Maude Made

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