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Working from home improved with these 2022 trends

For those working from home with offices that need a revamp, we’ve got you covered. Here are 2022’s home office trends to inspire your workspace.

1. Scandi Chic

This calming style incorporates soft neutral tones and natural materials along with sensible lines and few choice accents. Unique decor, stylish lighting, and a tranquil vibe are all big for 2022 home offices.

2. Art Deco

For something slightly grander that utilises chic materials, enticing angles, and glamorous decor, Art Deco is 2022’s choice. Add glass, dark wood, marble, and mirrors or indulge in a deep armchair. Find perfect patterns with scalloped shapes, fans, zig-zags, and feathers, and choose luxurious colours with dramatic contrasts.

3. Nature inspired

A softer style with an eco bent is set to prove popular with those who crave freshness and greenery. Natural woods, organic fabrics, and plenty of plants are the key elements for an eco style that invites calm.

4. Neutrality

Neutral tones fit in with all of the above – soft greys and white for Scandi Chic, black and white for Art Deco, and cream and brown in a Nature inspired space – so it’s no surprise that neutrals are important for home offices in 2022. Enjoy a few unusual neutrals by finding your perfect off-white or deep brown, or find a colour that is only just neutral such as sage green or dusty pink.

5. Spice colours

Rich and earthy, comforting and warm, spice shades are a perfect choice for home offices. Deep browns, burnt orange, soft beige, and royal aubergine offer the essence of spice, along with dusty blues and teals. These mature shades offer a unique presence and plenty of scope for functional design.

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