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Bedroom tiling in 2022

We love a tile anywhere and everywhere, and one place that’s been giving tiling a lot more loving of late is the bedroom. To celebrate, we’ve collected some 2022 predicted bedroom trends and found the tiled rooms to suit.

1. Hearty colours

Colour is being enjoyed everywhere, especially the rich earthy tones of burnt orange, moss green, and rich burgundy, and in the bedroom that trend continues. Whether as a feature floor, a statement wall, or a decorative headboard, these shades would be perfect in tile.

2. Braving pattern

Being a private space, the bedroom is one of the easiest rooms to experiment with stylistically. Bold patterns that might drown a living space can instead be used to add intimacy and fun to a bedroom.

3. Eco styling

Natural vibes with plenty of wood and calm, organic colours are perfect for a zen sleeping space in 2022. Add it in any way you like, from materials to patterns, colours to potted plants.

4. Art Deco

Like with the home office, the bedroom is taking inspiration from a hundred years ago, adding modern takes on Art Deco. With arches and metals and geometric shapes, there’s lots to play with here.

5. Effortlessly modern

Mixed materials, softened lines, and calming shades are the must-haves for a modern bedroom. Use pastels and simple square tiles as a headboard, decorate with dark floors with light rugs, or add gentle tones in shelves and storage.

6. Unique headboards

Though most of the bedrooms we’ve featured here have wonderfully unique headboards, they can get wackier! Any style goes, whether its vibrant and colourful, wildly patterned, functional, soft, or tiled, the more adventurous, the better.

A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, December 2021.

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