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Trends taking over the dining room in 2022

Though the formal dining room is really a space of old our modern hybrid versions of ‘dining rooms’ still have a distinct area in the home – be it in a blended kitchen diner, or in an entirely open-plan living space. So let’s see what’t hot for dining in 2022.

1. Marble tops

Much like in the kitchen, marble is the material of choice for designing dining rooms. Add some timeless glamour to your space with a marble tabletop and make dining a fabulously stylish affair.

2. Mature and minimalist

Emphasise functionality, minimise clutter, and enjoy the simplicity of a miminalist dining room by pairing back furnishings and decor. Chosen pieces don’t have to be muted and dull, but select wisely for maximum impact.

3. Key colours

Fun, vibrant colours are being enjoyed everywhere, and the dining room is no different. Refreshing a space with new shades can bring a whole new life to the room so experiment with earthy tones, sunny colours, and unusual hues to create a whole new dining experience.

4. Wonderfully white

Despite choice colours making their way throughout the home, white on white is said to be big for dining rooms in 2022. Clean and simple, a white washed room allows statement furniture and select decor to stand out.

5. Eco design

Like everything over the past decade, interior design is leaning heavily towards sustainble, planet conscious design. Wood and other nature-inspired materials are most important here.

Honourable mentions

Plants and statement lighting are set to be key details in 2022 dining rooms, whilst masculine materials like leather and cord are likely to take the place of cotton and linen.

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