Tiles for Dog Lovers

Looking for dogs as decor? Step this way. I’ve gathered the tile world’s greatest canine designs to share with you today so if you’ve been on the hunt for a doggy tile for your home please read on.

Art Tiles from Whistling Frog Tile Company

Handmade from Michigan porcelain, these pet-centric Art Tiles from the Whistling Frog Tile Company offer up oodles of personality in stunning unique glazes. Each piece is designed with decor in mind with a raised relief and hook for hanging at the back.

Canine Collection from Lili Cement

Six distinct dogs artistically rendered in a stylist colour scheme make up Lili Cement’s Canine Collection. Benji the Shiba Inu, Winston the French Bulldog, Rocky the Great Dane, Max the Bernese Mountain Dog, Charlie the Border Collie, and Duke the Saint Bernard all decorate soft cement tiles in gentle shades that can be mixed and matched

Medieval Dog from Motawi Tileworks

Handcrafted tile masters Motawi bring the antique charm of Medieval decor with this 3D relief doggy tile. Available in their entire range of custom glazes, and facing left or right, these Medieval Dog tiles are a unique choice for interiors.

Rockstar Frenchie from Somertile

This unusual design from Somertile features a fully tattooed French Bulldog surrounded by a number of classic flash tat designs. Light blue, lemon yellow, and faded rose add a touch of colour amongst the black and white sketches, but the star of the show is the proud Rockstar Frenchie.

Oh My Dog From Codicer95

Pups abound in this randomised repeat motif collection from Codicer95. Toon-style sketches of dogs of all kinds feature in fabulous number here, with adorable faces overlapping and new dogs to be found on each tile.

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