Mutina Hives Layout B

Beehive Bricks

A new modular brick from Konstantin Grcic for Mutina offers countless opportunities for creative design. Inspired by natural honeycomb, Hives pairs two hexagons to form a shaped brick with laying schemes to celebrate each aspect of its 3D structure.

Layout B
Layout E

Each brick is made from extruded terracotta, allowing for subtle variation and unique outcomes, as well as making use of the materials thermal and acoustic properties.

Layout H

Designed to be laid flat or upright, Hives can offer decorative hexagonal patterns or 3D relief when used as architectural features, furnishings, or walls. Create columns, dividing walls, and pockets of shade in numerous intriguing styles and shapes.

Layout D
Layout C

Mutina demonstrates a number of laying schemes to showcase the many functions of the bricks and also describes additional uses such as forming curved walls or table legs.

Konstantin Grcic

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