Equipe Bauhome Korolla Cold Glacier

Retro Bauhome

A selection of 70s shapes and shades makes up the wonderful Bauhome range from Equipe. In two colourways a distinction is offered between cooler and warmer tones though there is richness in each.

Domino Cold, Mark Cold, and Minze
Korolla Cold and Glacier

Burnt orange (Terrakota), olive green (Grรผn), and black dominate the warm decors whilst dusty pink (Rose), grey (Grau), and white (Weiss) make up the cold. A light green (Minze) and dark teal (Glacier) offer depth and contrast to the designs with each colourway creating its own distinct personality.

Each of the 9 motifs form a variety of patterns depending on layout and can be mixed and matched to produce highly interesting features in any number of settings.

Mark Cold, Minze, Rose, and Schwarz
Domino Cold, Weiss, Blau, and Rose

Each matt finish porcelain tile is 200 by 200mm and is suitable for use on both floors and walls.


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