Geon Tile

Canadian company Geon Tile started life in 2011 as River City Tile Company in Edmonton, Alberta. Founders Aaron and Chelsea Brown began with carefully selected tile ranges that suited their design needs and aesthetic preferences, bringing gorgeous encaustic tiles to their local region. But lead times and limited choices inspired a change and the creation of their own designs.

And their designs make us want to move to Canada. Following their own nose, rather than trends and fashions, has led to an incredible porfolio of unusual motifs ripe with potential.

With a keen eye for colour, a clever use of geometric shapes, and the occasional blending of freckled terrazzo and smooth cement Geon Tile’s designs are made to catch the eye as well as suitign subtle decor. Some of our favourites include fan-shaped Ruby and Lotus, the hexagonal Hatch and Peak Line, diamond shaped Rundle, and the square Dodge.

Geon Tile

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