Tiled Table

Deliciously Retro

Tile designer Ayse Iyriboz has created a delectable range of ice cream shop-inspired tiles for Clay Imports. Reigniting memories and blending recollections of 1970s France and Izmir, Turkey, Iyriboz’s designs offer up retro glamour with a delicious side of romantic youth.

La Patisserie features four motifs – the stylised Tulipe, the elegant Bonjour, and the adorable Pio Pio in Petit and Grande. A soft, warm colourway is found throughout the collection with shades of blue (Twine and Agave), mustard (Plateau), dark olive (Gallo), off white (Ivory), and pink, each with delicate pairings rich in beauty.

The minimalist aesthetic of La Patisserie’s shapes make the tiles wonderfully versatile, elevating spaces with thier subtle decor and tranquil tones. Mix and match at will or design with ordered elegance.

Clay Imports
Ayse Design

A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, July 2022.

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