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Studio Maska Makes Marx

Blending Brazilian vivacity and European elegance, Portugal-based Studio Maska is a treasure for the tile addicted.

Hand painted murals and uniquely decorated tiles form a large part of the company’s collection, with florals and foliage coming to life in vibrant colours and artistic layouts.

The rest of Studio Maska’s tiles are screen printed. Their COPA series offers an alternative take on the famous sidewalks of Rio de Janiero created by Brazilian mordernist Burle Marx (the artist who also inspired a range of tiles by Oca Brasil).

These ten patterns can be mixed and matched at will to create incredible works of art in a stylish array of colourways from calming blues and green, bold reds and oranges, sophisticated muted tones, to a festive mix of your choice.

Studio Maska

A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, October 2022.

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