A Lid of Lime

A lively lime green tops the new Monteparís Mayores residence in the Salvador neighbourhood of Madrid. Designed by architects José Ángel Medina and Ignacio de Rojas Sánchez, this curving care-home complex houses 139 single and double rooms and apartments throughout its unusual winding shape.

Taking notes from nature to create an unconventional space, the building’s design offers an intential sense of fun and comfort for its residents. The large central lawn and gardens are mirrored by the textured tiles at the tip of the building.

Made specifically for this project by Tempio, approximately 8,990 individual pieces make up the 1,330 metres of unique lime green decor. By varying orientation and layout of the tiles, shadow is employed as an additional participant in the playful ornamentation.


A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, February 2023.

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