Six tile collections inspired by Japan

Tiles come in may forms and styles, influenced and inspired by many artists, materials, and locations. Ancient mosaics, handcrafted zellige, vintage Majolica, and vibrant Talavera tiles to name but a few, but today it’s all about six collections inspired by a place as far away as it is culturally rich – Japan.

1) Watermark from ClΓ© Tile

Designed by ClΓ© Tile‘s founder Deborah Osburn, the Watermark collection is a ceramic take on the Japanese dyeing technique Shibori. Each tile is unique, dipped in indigo and gold verdigris pigments to create ombre layers that look like rolling hills.

2) Kintsugi from Ceramica Fioranese

Inspired by the popular Japanese art of reparation Kintusgi, this collection from Ceramica Fioranese displays textured threads of gold that sit as veins across the surface of the concrete-look tiles. Adding to the Wabi Sabi look are the Japan-Hibi decors which feature fragmented patchwork pieces amongst the cracks.

3) Origami from Dune

A bold recreation of an elegant, delicate artform, Dune‘s Origami replicates the folds and bends of paper in ceramic. In white, grey, black, bronze, and gold, these textured tiles make a real feature.

4) Yaki from VIVA

Inspired by the Japanese art of wood-burning called Shou Sugi Ban, the Yaki collection from VIVA displays the beauty of the process with it’s many colour options. Crackled black, painted white, and brushed wood tones are all presented in their gorgeous glory.

5) Shibori and Himiko from Haustile

Taking a more traditional approach to Shibori, Haustile‘s Shibori and Himiko tiles showcase the tie-dye style that is characteristic of this Japanese technique.

6) Ensō from Wow Design

The decors of this collection from Wow Design are another take on Kintsugi. Ivory, Sand, Blue, Green, and Graphite all feature the distinctive gold veins that glisten elegantly against the textured surface.

A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, February 2023.

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