Medicinal Mandalas

Marvellous mandala mosaics are the hallmark of today’s artist Sarah Try. Creating with purpose, Try’s mandalas are produced as a spell, and crafted piece by piece with healing intentions.

Try’s journey into mosaics began as part of her initiation as a Medicine Woman. Tasked with creating a medicine shield to represent her 13 month journey through the 13 Divine Feminine Principles, the medium selected for the shield was mosaic.

Starting off each mosaic with an MDF board, Try then takes to her colour-coodinated tile room to allow a unique selection of tiles to call to her for each individual piece, often colour gradients.

Her works, sometimes featuring a central stone, not only hold great power, but are also undeniably lovely to look at.

Read more about her mosaic-making process here
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Sarah Try

A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, March 2023.

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