Immortalising moments

Translating the everyday into works of mosaic art, KidPier is what happens when Gaudi meets Warhol.

Using the timeless, ancient art of mosaics, KidPier seeks to restore a little magic to the mundane, adding a touch of magic to discarded and forgotten daily objects like a plain old Amazon delivery box. Cementing these objects in time and crafting them with care, KidPier captures the emptiness of endless consumerism and immediate gratification offered by e-commerce and gives them back a little of their former ‘nobility’.

The same treatment is given to shoeboxes, stacked in a totem, reflecting the parallels of accumulation, pleasure, and a form of atonement found in similar behaviours across society and our personal lives.

Immortalising other pop culture moments, KidPier’s MyView series freezes 10 iconic videos from YouTube in mosaic form – including The Sneezing Baby Panda, Evolution of Dance, Keyboard Cat !, and even a stop motion recreation of Nyan Cat (original).


A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, September 2023.

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