matteo brioni raw earth

Raw Earth

Natural design is all the rage. Bringing us a sense of comfort and working to ground us in a world flipped on its head, there’s really something to be said for organic shapes, textures, and materials. Seeking a connection with the environment is something humans have done for millenia, as is finding ways to use the ground beneath our feet to construct spaces that keep … Continue reading Raw Earth

Function of FUGA

Mixing and transforming surface relationships and altering perceptions and expectations are just some of the many marvellous qualities of FUGA. The result is the creation of a flooring that is neither tile, nor entirely distinct from it. Born from Studio Irvine, or otherwise known as Marialaura Rossiello’s artistic direction and the surface of Matteo Brioni, FUGA fuses rigidity with fluidity in the most magical of … Continue reading Function of FUGA