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Raw Earth

Natural design is all the rage. Bringing us a sense of comfort and working to ground us in a world flipped on its head, there’s really something to be said for organic shapes, textures, and materials. Seeking a connection with the environment is something humans have done for millenia, as is finding ways to use the ground beneath our feet to construct spaces that keep us safe and warm.

Continuing his keenly artist approach to natural materials, Matteo Brioni‘s Raw Earth celebrates lands and textures with an eye for rich, comforting shades. By selecting a particular mix of clays and aggregates from various regions 10 pigment-free colours are created.

This natural material is pure, speaking to us with an ancient appreciation of earth. Jute, wheat, hemp, and rice produce textured variety whilst mica, mother of pearl, and hematite play with light and natural glitter. Onyx, sodalite, and quartz are used to create an aged look, as if having been lost to time.

Being made from organic materials, they are 100% recyclable. Each and every component, along with any waste from production, can be repurposed making them as environmentally friendly as they are beautiful.

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