Liliputian Lancamentos

Mosaic display by Atlas

Atlas specialise in glazed ceramic mosaics.  The green and blue hues that featured on the company´s stand were really vibrant without being brash.  They feature just enough tonal variety to make tile installations interesting and also help provide design impact in typical applications such as walk-in showers or swimming pools.

Mosaic display by Atlas.

To get the message across to Revestir‘s visitors, and also to show off the company’s extensive range of special pieces, Atlas had built some small, fully tiled, display pieces.  Only around 250 by 250mm square, they were surprisingly effective displays.

Size isn’t everything!

A new post by Joe Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, March 2017.

Further coverage of the design trends at Cevisama, Revestir and Coverings 2017 can be found in Tile & Stone Journal May 2017, Pages 48-65, or online at

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