Maison by Peronda

Pure Peronda

At Cevisama 2016, Museum, Harmony and Peronda all offered cutting edge designs; many of which were the best examples of their type on the show floor. Continue reading Pure Peronda

Connect collection video

Triangular Temptation

Portinari’s Connect collection, which won the Best in Show Award at Revestir, created much entertainment with triangular-shaped tiles which people could move and place on a magnetic board to create different tile installations. A clever video was shown on a loop to market this simple but clever concept. Continue reading Triangular Temptation

Fluorite Azul by Inalco.

Fluorite Fashion

Inalco’s Fluorite is a new porcelain tile collection inspired by the terrazzo floors of yesteryear, but one with an innovative revamped air. The range was developed in collaboration with Katty Schiebeck. This talented young designer has delivered a collection offering neutral tones, plus white, black, blue and green, that delivers harmony and balance. Continue reading Fluorite Fashion

Waterfall by Lea Ceramiche

Rock Redefined

Waterfall by Lea Ceramiche realistically and physically represents slate. 
 Recreating, on the stoneware surface, the iridescence typical of sedimentary rocks, Waterfall has surface texture, pattern irregularities and variations in colour; all natural expressions of the passage of time. Continue reading Rock Redefined

Pearl Calacatta by Ceramiche Lea

Strange Superimpositions

I want to draw attention to Filigrane, the latest decoration from Lea Ceramiche designed by Philippe Nigro. This design is based on a regular geometric pattern of iridescent effects that extends outwards randomly like the characteristic veining of fine marble. Continue reading Strange Superimpositions

Creek by Blustyle

Branding Blustyle

Blustyle is a brand that leverages the experience and qualities of sister company, Cotto D’Este and the whole Panariagroup. The brand offers Made-in-Italy, porcelain solutions at traditional thicknesses, taking advantage of the latest technology, the best raw materials, distinctive aesthetics and the production team’s deep respect for the environment. Continue reading Branding Blustyle

Greco Moon by Natucer

Elemental Extrusions

At Coverings 2017 Natucer showed off the ultimate aesthetic possibilities of extruded ceramic wall tile with its Escama collection comprising Art, Caprice and Riad designs. Continue reading Elemental Extrusions

Dynamic Angle by Natucer

Natucer Naturally

Natucer is something of a one off. The company’s use of extruded clay techniques mean that is is able to offer 3D shapes, moulded pieces and textures that few other manufacturers can emulate. Continue reading Natucer Naturally

Counterfeit Ceramicist

Diogo Machado – aka Add Fuel – is a Portuguese artist, a highly skillful illusionist with an untreatable case of tile addiction; a street artist with a sideways sense of humour and much to say about perception, value and media. Continue reading Counterfeit Ceramicist