Materia by NovaBell

Moody Blues

Materia by NovaBell
Materia by NovaBell

While Greenery may be the Pantone colours of the year, it seemed to be that if Coverings had a signature colour – beyond the inevitable grey and beige neutrals – then it was dusky blue: a rich saturated azure hue with a hint of grey.

Materia by NovaBell
Materia by NovaBell

This tone was used both as a feature wall, and as a decorative note in listelli and border tiles.  NovaBell was one company that made the most of this dramatic, yet calm tone.  Interestingly, its presentation of its Material collection offered three assemblies of items in the range: in effect mood boards after the event.  Rather more than the conventional roomsets, these three assemblies really project what the Materia range is all about: tone, harmony, contrast and surface variety.

Materia by NovaBell
Materia by NovaBell

Materia by NovaBell offers all the beauty of hand-made terracotta.  It does not seek to imitate; rather it has redesigned a collection that recalls the past for contemporary spaces.  Materia has a wealth of details and shades that are never repetitive; the modern colours and carefully-calculated flaws convey all the timeless beauty of the hand-made material that inspired the collection.


Formats span from 600 by 600mm down to 60 by 250mm miniature brick.  Across these formats, Materia interprets modern surfaces with incredible versatility and unusual combinations.  This collection has broad potential, with a large number of
modules and special trims, anti-slip surfaces and sophisticated decorations.  It is also a range that can cover all kinds of surfaces, from use in the home to areas with heavy traffic loads.

This fine porcelain stoneware collection comes in seven colours: Rosso, Chiaro, Rosato, Mud, Ghiaccio, Grigio and Blue; plus decorative elements.  The format choice is 600 by 600, 300 by 600, 160 by 235, 300 by 300, 160 by 110, 150 by 300, 830 by 300,  80 by 110, 150 by 150, and 60 by 250; plus 300 by 300mm mosaics, step treads, bullnoses, internal and external angles, and other specials.

A new post by Joe Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, April 2017.

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