Concave Hex by Aguayo

Curvaceous Cement

Bloom by Agauyo
Bloom by Aguayo

I have to admit to being a huge fan of cement tiles.  There is something very appealing about the tones and textures they can deliver but, above all, I really love the 3D forms and delicate modelling achieved by the leading producers.

With cement tiles, there seems no limit to the colour, creativity or sculptural forms that can be created.

Inspired by geometry in nature, Aguayo’s Elevations collection of cast concrete tiles is an excellent case in point.  This superb collection combines texture and volume to create striking designs and patterns.

Angles by Aguayo
Angles by Aguayo

Elevations is available in over 50 different colours, with two different finishes: matt and satin.   The tiles are porous, but are pre-sealed at the factory and are thus suitable for wet applications.

The latest additions to the Elevations collection are Dunes, Curves, Bloom and Wave, the latter two created by renowned artist Tania Marmolejo, in her second collaboration with Aguayo Tiles.

Concave Hex by Agauyo
Concave Hex by Aguayo

Wholesale Tile by Aguayo, the US subsidiary of Aguayo Tiles, imports hand-made and speciality tiles to North America from all over the world.

Elevations has it all in one package, spanning the original designs – 3D Hex, Angles, Concave Hex, Spokes, Cascade, Drop and Prism – and Marmolejo’s two stunning additions – Wave and Bloom –  plus Curve and Dunes.

See all of these Aguayo designs, plus a plethora of other new wall and floor tiles recently on display at the Cevisama, Revestir and Coverings exhibitions in the May edition of Tile & Stone Journal. (

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