Going With The Grain

Tablon Naturel by Novoceram
Tablon Naturel by Novoceram

The trend for inside-out living continues to gather pace in the UK, running hand-in-hand with the ever-improving quality of the exterior tile ranges available from the world’s top tile manufacturers.  One of the latest arrivals on the scene is Tablon from the trend-setting French factory Novoceram.

This wood-effect through-body porcelain range for exterior use has an appealing aged look time.  Tablon faithfully reproduces the look of weathered and sun-bleached wood; with minute cracks, fissures and furrows enhancing the characteristic veins of the natural timber, giving the finished deck a sense of nobility.

Tablon Naturel by Novoceram
Tablon Naturel by Novoceram

Tablon is the latest addition to Novoceram’s Outdoor Plus collection of 20mm thick porcelain tiles.  It is available in two formats: 300 by 1,200 and 600 by 600mm. There are three colour options: Tablon Clair, a warm white and extremely luminous oak; Tablon Naturel, a natural oak-effect that looks like the original colour has been tempered by long exposure to the elements; and Tablon Gris, a teak-effect with a grey base colour and silvery highlights.

All the tiles have a structured finish, while the range of special pieces includes swimming pool trims.


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