Colourful Compositions

Colour is very subjective but, anyway you look at it, the use and popularity of particular hues is subject to the winds of fashion and the whims of opinion formers.  Having recently sat in on many trend presentations by global colour experts, my judgement is that the design team at Iris Ceramica has been paying close attention.  The evidence is clear in May: the new wall tile range from Iris inspired by the raw trend.  Here simplicity and naturalness are used to deliver a vintage style in which the marks made during manufacturing, and simulated wear and tear, are elevated to a decorative level, becoming the distinguishing features of the range.

May comes in an eclectic palette of 11 colours, including Mediterranean hues, spanning classic White and Graphite; earth colours such as Brown, Beige, and Amber; sky tones of Azure and Grey; nature-inspired Olive and Fern greens; and deep, dramatic shades of Red and Bordeaux.

This eclectic but well-chosen colour range is enriched and enhanced by a variety of graphic patterns and decors that pay homage to ethnic craftsmanship and help in the creation of creating mix & match styles that can deliver walls with great personality.

May by Iris Ceramica.
May, in the Olive and Fern options, by Iris Ceramica.

Ideal for use in commercial spaces and in vintage-style bathrooms and kitchens, May creates a timeless feel with its lived-in look.  Overall it is on-trend with the focus on material expressiveness and simple patterns.


A new post by Joe Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, May 2017.

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