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Mosaic door pulls by Sicis
Mosaic door pulls by Sicis

Sicis, the Italian art mosaic company, has unveiled a sensational selection of door and furniture pulls that offers yet another demonstration of the extreme decorative versatility of mosaic.

Above: Cloud

This collection of exquisite and highly-refined handles features hand-placed micro-mosaic inserts, all created by the skilled team of craftsmen at Sicis’s Ravenna base.

Above: Deco

Sicis, which proudly states that its products are 100% made in Italy, was founded in 1987. Totally dedicated to mosaic, the company’s goal from the outset was to move this supremely-versatile product from the annals of history to the contemporary age. Through creativity, technology and experimentation Sicis has developed an extensive portfolio of mosaic products that now feature in prestigious projects across the world.

Above: Armstrong

Sicis sees mosaic not as a simple tiling product, but as a means of communication, and as an expression of trends, fashions and lifestyles.  As this new collection of pulls and handles clearly shows, for Sicis surfaces exist to be transformed into a beautiful art form. The mosaic tesserae act as the interpreters of this creative language, and can be used together in almost infinite chromatic and decorative combinations to shape the outlines of architectural and living spaces.

Above: Gatsby

The company’s collections – Murano Smalto, Glass3, Metallismo, Water Glass, Basic, NeoGlass, Colibrì, Flower Power, Bathtub & More, Pin Up, Rug, Cosmati, OrienTale, Portrait and Mediterranea – all have their own distinct character that is suggestive, precious and expressive at the same time.

Above: Alveo

These aesthetic possibilities, combined with graceful installation, now feature in Flagship Stores located in the main capital cities of the world: London, Milan, New York, Paris, Dubai, Moscow, New Delhi, Tokyo and Rome.

Above: Coco

More than mere showrooms, these spaces curate the magical possibilities of high-end mosaic in all its complexity.

Above: Maia, Broadway and brochure cover

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