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True lovers of tile are found at today’s company of choice – Emery & Cie. Since 1993 Paris, Brussels, and London based Emery & Cie has brough curated interior touches to homes and spaces, under the creative direction of Agnés Emery.

There are so many wonderfully unique designs to be found, including a classic collection of zellige, beautiful fez pottery styles, relief tiles, and faux Iznik looks, each with a story to be told. The plain Kleurtjes (colours) offer 36 distinct tones from all areas of the colour spectrum in sizes 50 by 50mm, 130 by 130mm, 200 by 200mm, and 300 by 300mm. Textured and charming, this versatile range is just the beginning of what Emery & Cie have to offer.

A recommended partner for the colourful ‘Kleurtjes’ are the delightful set of relief tiles designed by Célia Kretschmar. Ten distinct images offer whimsy and joy with mini Adam and Eves, an octopus, bird, tail, and various creatures. With each tile measuring 130 by 130mm, they’re sure to add a fantastic burst of character to interiors.

A wonderfully wide range of Zellige can also be found in varying shapes with squares, rectangles, hexagons, fishscales, mosaics, as well as the option for inserts and friezes. Bringing an alternative form of Moroccan beauty, Emery sought inspiration from Fez pottery, selecting and drawing familiar motifs for use in tile form. The result is simply gorgeous.

To incorporate the beauty and vibrancy of Iznik tiles, Emery sought out some skilled potters in Jaipur whose techniques and methods come strikingly close to creating the original thing. The hand-painted tiles and Iznik-inspired motifs offer up the bright beauty of these ancient tiles. Nine motifs in three colourways are presented in hexagonal format whilst three distinct motifs each in three colourways are offered in a square format.

Finally, in a huge number of patterns and colours come the cement tiles from Emery & Cie. Patchwork styles fill spaces with playful variety, whilst a choice of customisable looks provide for more selected looks.

Emery & Cie

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