Novoceram’s Naughty Nightcrawler

jasper-ivoire-precious.gifNovoceram, the French ceramic tile manufacturer, fits snugly into the naughty but nice catagory.  The company has created a reputation for theatrical visuals, avant garde products and left-field marketing campaigns.

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The company’s latest product launch – Jasper – continues in this vein with a playful and ironic campaign you can follow using the hashtag #NaturallyPrecious.

The marketing conceit behind the launch is “What if the most precious thing is under you feet?”   To get the message across,  Novoceram has created a series of animated GIFs « Jasper, Naturally Precious ».

Jasper is a tile with a refined and smart stone-effect, so – argues Novoceram – why not compare it to a work of art or a casket full of diamonds?  In the campaign Novoceram presents a series of choices made by a thief, all of which are picked up by CCTV cameras.  Bamboozled by the beauty of the ceramic cladding, the nightcrawler prefers to steal Jasper Malt, Ivoire and Gris tiles, rather than other precious items nearby, such as a chest full of jewels, a precious painted masterpiece or the contents of a restaurant’s cash register.

The humorous series of animated GIFs «Jasper, Naturally Precious», has gone viral on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linkedin with the hashtag #naturallyprecious, and on the internet page dedicated to stone effect.  To find out more about «Jasper, Naturally Precious» and to experience all the viral marketing of Novoceram, visit the company’s website or Facebook page.

A new post by Joe Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, May 2017.


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