Splashback by Maia Eden for The Linklater Pavilion

Splashback to Sustainability

Splashback by Maia Eden for The Linklater Pavilion
Splashback by Maia Eden for The Linklater Pavilion

SadlerGreen has been involved in a stunning ceramic tile mural project, which has been installed in the Linklater Pavilion in Lewes, East Sussex and was created by Maia Eden, an artist who specialises in mixed media artwork.  The innovative centre provides environmental education for all generations as being a practical base for adults with learning difficulties.

The ceramic tiled splash-back mural project, led by Maia, was created ‘with great skill and dedication, leading not only to a stunning work of art but a superb book, recording the process’, according to John Parry in his report to East Sussex County Council.  Once the finishing touches to the bespoke ceramic mural have been completed, the project will be fully celebrated in the Autumn at a special event to raise the profile of the Linklater Pavilion.

Railway Land Wildlife Trust
Railway Land Wildlife Trust, Lewes, East Sussex

On the edge of Lewes, by the River Ouse, lie more than twenty acres of land that were used for over fifty years as rail yards.   When the yards were dismantled, this area became a wasteland, but after twenty-five years of benign neglect, it was saved from development by a group of local residents.  Since then, it has become a prized nature reserve around which several social and ecological projects gravitate.   These, and the web of relations between them, constitute the Railway Land Project.

The Linklater Pavilion, Lewes
The Linklater Pavilion, Lewes

In 2010 an award-winning, sustainable building, the Linklater Pavilion, was built at the entrance to the reserve and is now both home to the Railway Land Wildlife Trust and a thriving hub for environmental interests and activities.  It was built to provide an innovative centre for the study of environmental change.  The Pavilion has many sustainable features, including a living roof, PV panels, a ground source heat pump and its own water supply.




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