public art brazilian ceramic street art MUDA installation 2015

Six street artists producing ceramic graffiti

Ceramic graffiti is a wonderful thing and we love covering it here at Diary of a Tile Addict. But there are still people who don’t know that it exists, or where to find artists and installations. To help remedy this we have compiled a list to share the fantastic work of those spreading the magic of ceramics.

Bachor, Murals in the Market, ceramic vigilante, pothole aretha
Bachor, Murals in the Market, Aretha 2018

1. Invader

This French artists is perhaps the best known of the lot, having traversed the globe installing sneaky video game characters and pixelated mosaics in major cities. Most works can be found in Europe, although the States, Australia, Tanzania, India, Japan, and many more countries have been ‘invaded’. To date there have been a total of 3870 installations in 79 cities worldwide – a map of which can be found here. We love following Invader‘s work, and more can be read about him here and here.

invader tile ceramic street artist Bhutan 2018
Invading Bhutan 2018
invader tile ceramic street artist Los Angeles 2018
Invading LA 2018 – The Dude

2. Jim Bachor

This tile enthusiast is not only an artist, but also a public do-gooder. His canvas of choice is the pothole, a thing most can agree could do with a little TLC. Bachor‘s works are identifiable not only from their unusual locations, but by their subject matter, with pieces featuring packets and foodstuffs, and other modern conveniences. Other series include Vermin of New York which have all since been removed and destroyed, Woodland Creatures including a fox and an owl, and Murals in the Market which pays homage to musical legend Aretha Franklin. Bachor celebrates an ancient art in a highly modern way that we can’t help but admire. Unfortunately it is mainly in America where his works can be seen – a map of which can be found here – and many of them don’t stand the test of time. To read more about Jim Bachor click here and here.

Bachor, One-offs, THIS IS NOT A POTHOLE anymore (mostly gone) 2015

3. Pixel A.K.A. Jorge Campos

This Chilean born artist is a modern mosaic master. Taking inspiration from the ancient world, Pixel translated the medium to be seen through today’s eyes, utilising pixelated forms of portraits and paintings to produce a range of public mosaics. His aim is to inspire people to engage with art by making it accessible and tangible. More on Pixel can be found here.

Tribute to Nicanor Parra Remix, 2014.
Tribute to Nicanor Parra Remix, 2014. Street view showing installation.
M-Maybe Remix Lichtenstein
M-Maybe Remix Lichtenstein, 2014. After Roy Lichtenstein’s M-Maybe, 1965.

4. Tiler

Italian artist Tiler began a series of stealth installations in Genoa a few years ago. Since then his works have expanded across areas in Italy including Florence, Milan, and Bologna, and even into France. For Tiler, the tile is the canvas with painted tiles showcasing a range of weird and wonderful designs and images including a hippo in an Esso barrel and a cat-faced woman in a pink gown. A map of his works can be found here. More can be read about him here.

Typical installation by Tiler
“I Promessi Sposi” in Genoa

5. Coletivo MUDA

This Brazilian art collective are the most abstract of the lot. The group (comprised of Bruna Vieira, João Tolentino, Diego Uribbe, Duke Capellão, and Rodrigo Kalache) was formed in 2010 and they began to play around with public art. Today their works are highly complex, with colours and forms designed specifically for the unique spaces they select. They aim to surprise passers by whilst respecting the artwork’s surroundings and the results are simply stunning. Read more about the group here.

public art brazilian ceramic street art MUDA installation 2015
MUDA installation 2016
public art brazilian ceramic street art MUDA installation 2013
MUDA installation in NYC 2013

6. Will Rosie

This whimsical tiler is England’s own. Aiming to brighten up his hometown Southampton, Rosie began installing small cartoon inspired mosaics, including Homer Simpson, superhero logos, and Mr Men characters. He has also expanded his works to include detailed wildlife mosaics of Hampshire fauna which were created along with his students, and comissions from both locals and Southampton City Council. More about his work can be found here.

vigilante tiler street art tile mosaic will rosie
vigilante tiler street art tile mosaic will rosie

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