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Trend inspo: Colourful Kitchens

In our 2022 trends series colourful kitchens got a shout-out. Playfully incorporating bright oranges, reds, and pinks, and mixing and matching bolder shades with calmer colours is set to be big for the year, so we’ve got some kitchen inspo for you!

1) Pink and Teal

In this kitchen found on House Beautiful, cheerful pink cabinets are paired with patterned tiles in teal. A few wooden details, white floors and walls, and a vibrant rug allows the colour to sing without make the space too loud. Design around similar tiles with Ando Emerald from Popham Design, Genesi Luce Decors Mix Greens from Sartoria, or Nagano Turquesa from Vives.


2) Warm patterns

This Jungalow kitchen is inviting on so many levels. The bold orange wall, the stylish turquoise fridge, and plants aplenty give so much character to this space. Bringing extra warmth is the gorgeous patterned backsplash so we’ve found some tiles to match. Get the look with Cement Alhambra in Red Clay, White, and Ash from Clé Tile, Discotheque Heaven from Claybrook Studio, or Red Fez from Jatana Interiors.

3) Splash of sun

A jolly yellow splashback adds rich sunny fun to the kitchen. The stylish lilypad design catches the eye and creates a selection of patterns to enjoy. Dark blue cabinets and dusty pink walls tone down the palette whilst allowing the yellow to take centre stage. Get the look with Lily Pad Porcelain Custard from Ca’Pietra, Artichoke from Popham Design, or Dandelion Saffron/Milk from Marrakech Design.

4) Green stripes

The kitchen of @pinkhouseliving is a colourful dream that mixes shapes, layouts, glazes, and patterns to create a space that is entirely unique. Pink, green, and blue in similar tones work in harmony whilst surprising the eye and offering something new in each corner. Get the look with Green Alalpardo from Bert & May, Jade Green Diamond from Jatana Interiors, or Sempahore Nina from Claybrook Studio.

@bertandmay @pinkhouseliving

5) Classic blue

Not all colour has to be wacky and wild. A simple deep shade of blue can offer all the colourful magic needed to create an enticing space. The textured surface of zellige glitters and decorates, adding light and character. Get the look with Fired Opal from Clé Tile, Zellige Gulf Blue from Clay Imports, or Aegean from Zia Tile.


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