A Foretaste of Flaviker

With its sights set on high-end architecture projects, Flaviker is expanding its Wide range of large-format panels with the introduction of Hangar and Cozy at this year’s Cersaie exhibition in September.

Cozy by Flaviker
Cozy Honey Triangolo with Cozy Coal Triangolo by Flaviker
Hangar by Flaviker
Hangar Ash, Smoke and Coal Triangolo by Flaviker

Hangar explores the textures of structural materials that normally remain hidden from view, such as fibre cement panels used for insulation, and delivers a fresh aesthetic in line with today’s style trends.  The collection is aimed at large projects, especially in the retail and hospitality sectors, but is equally suitable for residential applications.

Hangar by Flaviker
Hangar Coal by Flaviker

The Wide collection combines big ideas and large sizes, consisting of tough, lightweight porcelain panels in a thickness of just 7mm thick, in sizes up to 1,600 by 3,200mm.  The technical qualities of Wide panels allow them to be used in the most demanding applications, such as glued or ventilated exterior façades.

Cozy by Flaviker
Cozy Brown with Mosaico Triangoli by Flaviker

Available in a new 260 by 2,000mm ceramic plank size, Cozy is another addition to the Wide collection.  This wood-effect design has a comfortable feel, enhanced by a rustic-chic aesthetic that fits in well with diverse furnishing styles.

Cozy and Supreme by Flaviker
Cozy Brown with Supreme Onyx Prestige Lux by Flaviker

The Cozy planks feature realistic 3D details, such as the reproduction of filled cracks. They have a soft, non-reflective and lightly textured surface and are also available in a 200 by 1,200mm format.  Cozy is also Auto-levelling with the material’’s flexibility said to guarantee perfect bonding to the substrate and a flawless finished installation.

Hangar Smoke 20mm by Flaviker
Exterior use of Hangar Smoke 20mm by Flaviker

Flaviker was founded in the early 1960s, and became one of the pioneers of porcelain stoneware in the Emilia ceramic tile district of northern Italy.  Today innovation, combining aesthetic excellence and technological innovation, is Flaviker ethos; with the aim of providing high performance products that are also modern and avant-garde.  Flaviker is part of the ABK Group that also includes the ABK, Ariana, Hardkoll and Casa Tua brands.


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