Majestic Mosaics

If I ignore being ejected by a surly and burly security guard from one of the top Italian producer’s stands last year for daring to take a photograph, some of my greatest pleasures when visiting Cersaie are the top-end mosaic stands.  They provide a visual feast and I love how they shamelessly strive to out do each other in terms of creativity, colour, ambition, artiness, pretentiousness and presentation.

Mosaico+ Colors 10x10 (Fabric Dark Brown)
Mosaico+ Colors 10×10 (Fabric Dark Brown)
Mosaico+ Colors 10x10 (Concerto Blue)
Mosaico+ Colors 10×10 (Concerto Blue)

This year, I will certainly be making a beeline to Mosaico+ to see the displays of Colors 10×10: billed as ‘a small chip for great compositions‘.  Mosaico+ will display five materials and 257 colours at Cersaie 2017 that combine to offer a mosaic palette to meet the needs of almost any project.

Mosaico+ Colors 10x10 (Gypso Blue)
Mosaico+ Colors 10×10 (Gypso Blue)

Innovation, variety in form and fresh use of materials, as well as a significant range extension are promised by Mosaico+’s revamped Colors 10×10 collection, which combines tesserae from the Vetrina, Doro, Concerto, Perle and Metal ranges in a single assortment.

Mosaico+ Colors 10x10 (Fabric Smoke Grey Living)
Mosaico+ Colors 10×10 (Fabric Smoke Grey Living)

A carefully judged selection of materials and shades, which can be combined for graduated colour effects, guarantees utmost versatility.  Mosaico+’s ambition is to offer ‘a multifaceted matrix that inspires the creation of personalised projects for residential and commercial interiors.

Mosaico+ Colors 10x10 (Fabric Super White)
Mosaico+ Colors 10×10 (Fabric Super White)

Mosaics thus express a new creative energy given concrete form through a structured, modular compositional freedom, in line with the Mosaico+ philosophy of offering single materials and colours with experienced guidance for the realisation of made- to-measure products,” claims the company.

Mosaico+ Colors 10x10 (Vetrina Mix)
Mosaico+ Colors 10×10 (Vetrina Mix)

It is true that mosaics are becoming an increasingly sophisticated creative tool for architects and designers through the use of computerised mosaic techniques that make possible made-to-measure decorations and images with almost photographic resolution.  It will be interesting to see if this year’s mosaic stands at Cersaie 2017 are able to successfully exploit this almost limitless design potential.


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