Trending at Cersaie 2023

Walking around the show this year I didn’t see much in the way of big trends (aside from that one particular wood-look). There was definitely some overspill of the trends I noticed at Cevisama (those will get their own article), but when it comes to what was trending at Cersaie it’s all about the mini trends. I’ll cover them all in more detail throughout this week and next, but for now here’s the headlines.

1) The 90s and Y2K

Colour combinations, motifs, and references throughout the stands seemed to be somewhat a homage to the 90s and early 2000s. Following the fashion industry’s shift from the 70s to the 90s/Y2K, it’s no surprise to see interior styling follow suit. Read more here.

2) Springtime + Lilac

Continuing on from the love of Y2K, fresh pastel colour palettes and dainty florals reminiscent of a young child’s bedroom popped up all over the place, creating a wash of spring across large-scale wallpaper looks. As a little extra, uncommon tile colour lilac was also spotted across collections. Read more here.

3) Fabric-effect

Elevating the many wallpaper effects including those in Springtime styles and beyond was a certain texture – visual or multidimensional – that gave the appearance of the surface being made from fabric. These subtle weave-effects were also found on a few stone-looks. Read more here.

4) Roadside Chic

I struggled to name this trend but for now I’ve settled on Roadside Chic (if you have any suggestions feel free to comment them below). Included in this trend are the patterns and textures commonly found on paving slabs, drain covers, and other surfaces in industrial/urban areas, stylised and prettified for use inside. Read more here.

5) Feathers

The big brother of fishscale tiles, feather tiles are stretched and elegant, equally as decorative and just as versatile. Whether it’s individual tiles themselves or the shape incorporated into a design, feathers are definitely in. Read more here.

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