Unglazed façade prototype

Collaborative Explorations in Ceramics

Unglazed façade prototype
Prototype of a façade that has yet to be glazed

What does the future of ceramics look like?  Fellow Tile Addicts are invited to join ECALab for a talk about their upcoming RIBA North exhibition, Cerámica, an event supported by Tile of Spain.

Ahead of its launch, discover how traditional ceramic techniques and digital engineering processes have been used together to produce more meaningful and sustainable architectural elements.  Using new technologies, British and international ceramicists have created a series of ceramic ceilings and walls that show different vernacular languages, reflecting local heritage and identity.

Coinciding with this year’s Tate Exchange theme of production, shaped by artist Clare Twomey, this discussion will focus on the combination of craft and technology whilst questioning material use and sustainability.

Address: Tate Exchange Liverpool
, Albert Dock
, Liverpool Waterfront
 L3 4BB


A new post by Joe Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, October 2017

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