Pantone Color of the Year 2018

A dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade, Ultra Violet has been named as Pantone’s Color of the Year 2018.  Pantone’s Leatrice Eiseman says: “Complex and contemplative, Ultra Violet suggests the mysteries of the cosmos, the intrigue of what lies ahead, and the discoveries beyond where we are now.  The vast and limitless night sky is symbolic of what is possible and continues to inspire the desire to pursue a world beyond our own.”

Above: Argent Grapes of Wrath (left) and Argent Winter Garden

Enigmatic purples have also long been symbolic of counterculture, unconventionality, and artistic brilliance.  Musical icons Prince, David Bowie, and Jimi Hendrix brought shades of Ultra Violet to the forefront of western pop culture as personal expressions of individuality.  Nuanced and full of emotion, the depth of Pantone 18-3838 Ultra Violet symbolizes experimentation and non-conformity, spurring individuals to imagine their unique mark on the world, and push boundaries through creative outlets.

Crossville's Brilliante Glass Alexandrite
Crossville’s Brilliante Glass Alexandrite

The Pantone Color of the Year has come to mean so much more than ‘what’s trending’ in the world of design; it’s truly a reflection of what’s needed in our world today,” states Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute.  “The Color of the Year is one moment in time that provides strategic direction for the world of trend and design, reflecting the Pantone Color Institute’s year-round work doing the same for designers and brands.

Crossville's Cross Colors Amethyst
Crossville’s Cross Colors Amethyst (top left)

Quick off the mark, Crossville has messaged the design community with its on-trend colour optiuons.  One is Grapes of Wrath from the Argent Porcelain Stone range.  This collection deepens the already rich look of natural argent stone with saturated shades inspired by colours beloved across America.  Textured reds, blues, greens, and, of course, purples stand side-by-side with versatile neutrals to offer a full spectrum of inviting styles.  The tiles come in 12in by 12in (300 by 300mm).

Crossville's Cross Colors Amethyst
Crossville’s Cross Colors Amethyst

Created using the advanced colour-matching theories that inspired Crossville’s popular Cross-Colors line, each of Color Blox Porcelain Stone’s designer shades is precisely crafted to not only capture the ideal expression of its playfully modern inspiration (like Slinky and Roasted Marshmallow), but to perfectly complement at least two of its sister shades.  The unpolished tiles are 18 by 18in (450 by 450mm).

Crossville's Brilliant Glass Amethyst
Crossville’s Brilliant Glass Amethyst

Cross-Colors Solids is a designer go-to for on-trend colour and one-of-a-kind style. Strikingly simple design lets a full spectrum of colours and textures shine.  The tiles come in 12in by 12in (300 by 300mm).

Crossville's Glass Box Grape Jelly
Crossville’s Glass Box Grape Jelly

Created to work in tandem with other elements in your design scheme, Color by Numbers enduringly eye-catching, pure-color infused interior wall tiles invite endless complements.  Saturated colors co-ordinate with the Color Blox Porcelain Stone floor tile collection and matching Benjamin Moore paint colours. The tiles are 4 by 8in (100 by 200mm).

Crossville's Color by Numbers 20:20 Vision
Crossville’s Color by Numbers 20:20 Vision with 19th Hole

Offering the pure, prismatic colour of glass, Crossville’s Glass Blox collection features brights, neutrals and mosaic blends in palettes range from gleaming jewel-tones to softly glowing neutrals to bring eye-catching light and life to walls.  These glass tiles are 4 by 4in (100 byt 100mm). Another option, one infused with the richest colours of earth, sea and sky, Crossville’s gem-like Brilliante Glass collection sparkles indoors and out.  These tiles are 3 by 3in (75 by 75mm).

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