Nostalgia Nuanced

Nostalgia is one of the 10 key tile design theme for 2018 identified by Kristin, Chris, Melissa, Diana and the rest of the Novita PR team, who represent Ceramics of Italy in the USA.  And it is a theme that brings together a whole host of design influences: both historical and contemporary.  It offers colour, pattern, exuberance and fun while, at the same time, providing clearly defined patterns, forms and features.

Cevi Ceramica Vietrese Happy Days
Ceramica Vietrese’s Happy Days
Del Conca's Valentina, left and Fioranese's Cementine Boho Mix
Del Conca’s Valentina, left and Fioranese’s Cementine Boho Mix

People often look to design for an escape and in this current political climate it’s unsurprising that companies are turning to the past to bring people a euphoric boost.

Appian Metrica, Francesco de Maio Blu Ponti Ceramica Vogue's Confetti
From left: Appiani’s Metrica, Ceramica Francesco de Maio’s Blu Ponti and Ceramica Vogue’s Confetti

For their third comic-inspired collection, Del Conca recreates the feminist world of Guido Crepax on ceramic tile with his 1960s comic-strip heroine, Valentina.

Petracer's Swing
Petracer’s Swing

Meanwhile, other companies were inspired by simpler times, using square formats, candy colors and retro patterns reminiscent of the 1950s like Happy Days by Cevi and Confetti designed by Marcante-Testa for Ceramica Vogue.

Tonalite Aquarel
Tonalite’s Aquarel

Additional collections include Wide & Style by ABK, Metrica by Appiani, Blu Ponti by Ceramica Francesco da Maio, Cementine Boho by Fioranese, Swing by Petracer, Aquarel by Tonalite and Vienna by Unica.

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