Schaerbeek Pavement Mosaics

Schaerbeek Streets

What started as one artist’s vision for the pavement in front of her home has turned into a community project that brings colour and positivity to the streets of Schaerbeek.

Ingrid Schreyers started the trend 15 years ago when she decorated the ground with mosaics and her impressed neighbours followed suit. Since then, the local authorities have embraced the colourful change, creating a system for other residents to comission their own mini-artworks for the footpaths that welcome them home.

Each homeowner is welcome to design one to three cobblestone mosaics for a fee between €30 and €70, with a list of artists available to create them.

Joyful images and messages of love are encouraged, cheering up the sidewalks and inspiring conversation between neighbours. The positive impact of the mosaic has now spread beyond the streets of Schaerbeek, with nearby Jette and Anderlecht also embracing the magic of mosaics.

All images are from @pavement_project.

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